Forum Business

Business meets science: The forum for businesses in the hearing aid technology and audio system industry, for students, graduates and alumni.
The Forum's primary purpose is to transfer knowledge from research topic groups, establish business and science networks, acquire specialists and lobby with policy makers.
Forum membership consists of companies and individuals.

The network with access to new research findings and young specialists.

Global players. Internationally leading manufacturers of hearing aids, cochlear implant and audio system technology work successfully with the research facilities. Organised by the Auditory Valley, the head developers of the hearing aid manufacturers who jointly supply 92% of the global market have been meeting bi-annually since 2003 to initiate pre-competitive projects. Bilateral projects between cluster research facilities and cochlear implant and hearing aid manufacturers have been around for over two decades.

Synergies. Cooperation between development teams for conventional and implant hearing aids, on the one hand, and audio system manufacturers, on the other, gives rise to new opportunities for all sectors involved. The general trend toward networked devices and ever-increasing processing power creates a ground-breaking alliance between sound systems, headphones and hearing aids possible, opening up the market under the slogan "Hearing for all – everywhere".

BUSINESS FORUM in detail. Companies in the Forum benefit from their cooperation in the TOPIC MANAGEMENT groups, the resultant knowledge transfer and the possibility of recruiting qualified junior staff. The Future Club is a place in the forum where members can have a relaxed specialized discussion with professors from the research facilities involved. Once a year companies can even introduce themselves in an academic setting. All members are given access to the recruitment fair and the option to take part in the Forum's Open Company Day.

Alumni. We bring people together. With its Business Forum, the Auditory Valley promotes an intense exchange and knowledge transfer between both the hearing aid and audio system industries, and professors and graduates of relevant degree courses. It organises and executes joint projects and lobbies policy makers. By systematically using the Auditory Valley network, manufacturers and retail can gain excellent skilled employees from the region for their own companies.