Cluster of Excellence Hearing4all

Models, technologies and solutions for diagnostics, restoration and hearing support.

The goal of the five-year interdisciplinary network project is "Hearing for all". By improving individualised hearing diagnostics and customised care with personal hearing aids, scientists hope to significantly improve the communication situation of affected patients – whether at work, in traffic or at home. To this end, innovative manufacturing concepts for hearing aids and implants are developed along with "assistive" technology for everyone – hearing aids in every smartphone, TV or car radio.

Research focuses on improving speech comprehension in ambient noise. Fact: Difficulties with selectivity when listening is a big problem for the hard-of-hearing. If they are at a cocktail party, for example, people who hear can normally hear the words of one speaker while filtering out the others (cocktail party effect). Diagnostics and therapeutic options in clinical audiology are likewise to be brought a significant step forward by physiological diagnostic instruments and hearing implants at various points in the inner ear and along the auditory pathway.

25 renowned scientists from the fields of physics, medicine, psychology, biology, engineering and linguistics are responsible for the content of the research. They form core teams who work on current research questions and also create the thematic framework for young scientists in interdisciplinary task groups. A 'Joint Research Academy' is also being set up to support young scientists in their careers – from their doctoral thesis to heading up their own scientific group, or securing a professorship.

The Hearing4all Cluster of Excellence is funded as part of the Excellence Initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.