Two sites, one vision: Auditory Valley is jointly coordinated by HörTech Oldenburg and Hannover Medical School.
The offices are the contacts and coordinators for all Auditory Valley work.
One of their primary tasks consists of advising and supervising the many topic management groups.

Two sites, one team.
The offices work as active coordinators and points of contact and are governed by a broad range of tasks. The team, consisting of staff from HörTech Oldenburg and Hannover Medical School, researches topics and trends, brings together innovative people, determines the strategic direction of the Auditory Valley, ensures focus on specific activities, and works to elevate the position of the region's expertise and competence.

Promoting cooperation, winning new partners and strengthening the network.
Who offers what in audio system technology? Where are opportunities for research and application, for industries and companies to cooperate? The management, coordination and ongoing expansion of professional networks and forums, as well as the promotion of new projects in the Auditory Valley are top priorities in the offices. The teams from Oldenburg and Hanover also coordinate joint attendance at trade fairs, as well as conferences, public events and PR work, raising expert and public awareness of the Auditory Valley and its partners.

Documentation, and monitoring and setting of topics.
Where are research and development trends heading? What will hearing be like in the future? Based on ongoing topic monitoring and assisted by their own research information system with extensive databases of people, publications and projects, the offices provide impetus for the research network, topic management groups and new projects.

Focus and strategic direction.
Where are the opportunities for the Auditory Valley in the future? A key factor in succeeding as a region of competence is to have a common mission. Therefore the offices also ensure that all work in the opportunities network, with its cooperation groups, plans and projects, are focused by topic and aligned to their goals.