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Investigator Edgar Auris conducts further research at the Auditory Valley

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Immediately before the decision was made about the winner of the German Future Prize on 28th November, the Auditory Valley released a new episode of the free audio series about the investigative duo Edgar Auris and Udo Jörgensen. Their second case involves the so-called Huggins pitch, an acoustic phenomenon in which binaural hearing plays a major role.

The podcast is an entertaining illustration of the scientific topic, which resulted in the team lead by Prof. Dr. Dr. Birger Kollmeier being nominated for the Future Prize. Professor Kollmeier and his colleagues have transferred the benefits of binaural hearing, which people with normal hearing experience, to hearing aids, thus leading to a re-think of the entire industry. The interplay of both ears is fundamental for good hearing. As with sight, it is the interaction between the left and the right ear, which creates spatial perception.

We would recommend listening to the podcast with headphones, as otherwise you cannot hear the effects.

"Our goal is to make the fascinating mechanics of human hearing accessible to the public – we chose the podcast series as an entertaining, but not overly scientific medium," states Prof. Kollmeier, explaining how the podcast series came about. The first two episodes of the series, "The unheard-of cases of Edgar Auris" are on the Auditory Valley website ( and can be downloaded free to all major podcast directories.

The third episode, "Enigma Variations," will be released in early December.