Special research area 599 (SFB 599)

The SFB 599 is concerned with the basics of developing and manufacturing future-proof medical implants to help patients while also complying with health-related economic aspects. The aim is to restore organ functions with absorbable and permanent implants made of materials, which can be ideally adapted to clinical usage due to innovative manufacture, physical processing, chemical coating with polymers and coupling of agents (functionalisation), extra-corporal cell colonisation (bioligisation) as well as simulation and review.

Concrete clinical problems from orthopaedics and trauma surgery, otolaryngology, cardiac surgery and odontology define the choice of projects. The transdisciplinary and inter-institutional cooperation achieved in the first two funding periods has resulted in the development of appropriate innovative methods and procedures for material manufacture, processing, simulation and review as well as in vitro and in vivo testing. Close interdisciplinary feedback within the special research area enabled significant progress along the entire process and innovation chain, from basic research to transfer projects. The institutionalised basic structure established in this manner also offers excellent opportunities for interdisciplinary training for young doctors and scientists.

THE SFB is an innovative form of the inter-institutional and transdisciplinary interaction of material sciences, medicine, veterinary medicine and cytology, unique in Germany, that aims to establish the basics for a broad and innovative scientific field, in this case implant materials.